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その思いから「REGAL Shoe & Co.」は誕生した。

REGAL has its roots as the leading manufacturer of military-spec ammunition boots.
It was the first shoemaker to introduce Goodyear welt construction in Japan
for manufacturing strong and durable leather shoes.
As the “Ivy League look” swept through the mainstream fashion in the 60’s
REGAL’s authentic leather shoes established its reputation as a popular footwear brand.
We launched REGAL Shoe & Co. to reintroduce REGAL and its long history of quality and design to all the shoe-lovers,
from the sneakerheads to the shoe aficionados.


Basing our source of inspiration on a selection of our timeless and classic designs,
REGAL Shoe & Co. strives to produce innovative styles that would set the new standards.

「REGAL Shoe & Co.」のレザーシューズとそのコンセプトストアは、新たなもの作りのプラットフォームとなるべく

REGAL Shoe & Co.’s concept store and its leather shoes aspire to become the example of a new craftsmanship
where traditional and modern styles are brought together.

Concept Store

リーガルの伝統と世界観をストリートの感覚で再構築した「REGAL Shoe & Co.」のコンセプトストア。

REGAL Shoe & Co.’s concept store coins together REGAL’s tradition and history
with the trends of contemporary street fashion.
Our brand offers a wide range of originally designed top-quality leather footwear
suited for formal as well as casual occasions.


Unique product display using a wall of light-boxes to appeal to the young and fashion-conscious consumers.


Shop décor is accented with the contrast of modern and retro with the ceiling finished in the authentic natural wood
set against the modern looks of the polyurethane coated floor.
Casually placed barber chair and sofa creates an extraordinary,
yet comforting ambience for the customers’ shopping pleasure.

NUTS ART WORKSによるサインペイント。

Sign paintings by NUTS ART WORKS.

「REGAL Shoe & Co.」は、リーガルの歴史とこれからの姿を新たなスタンダードとして発信していく。

Basing its root in REGAL’s tradition and history, REGAL Shoe & Co. will lead the future with its innovative styles.

  • ADRESS: NC bldg. 1-9-4, Jinnnan, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO
  • TEL: 03-5459-3135
  • STORE HOURS: 11:00 a.m.-20:00 p.m
  • Closed on Monday (Expect on National Holidays)